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Creative COGS
provides the foundation for sustainable success

Every business and organization is born out of a spark of inspiration, a passion, a desire to do something new or better. That's right-brain, creative thinking. Yet traditional business practices are logical and analytical, which is left-brain, linear thinking. Traditional education promotes the left-brain approach as being 'serious' and reliable, and it therefore tends to predominate in our work activities, to the exclusion of our intuitive, creative faculties.

However, the creative qualities that give birth to organizations are the most powerful ones to use to sustain and grow it. Every single aspect of business—relationship dynamics, product development, operational processes, management practices, marketing, emotional/mental health, and customer relations—work better where there is a vibrant creative culture.

Not only does a creative culture make work more harmonious and satisfying, it is also one of the biggest influencers of bottom line improvement.

A creative culture:

  • is the best insurance against irrelevance and failure

  • reveals opportunities for cost savings, improved efficiency and innovation

  • in management, builds and sustains strong teams

  • brings fresh opportunities to old markets and brings back lost customers

  • is the most powerful underlying driver for changing loss to profit

  • inspires interest and engagement, cultivates brand loyalty

  • ensures evolution and keeps you ahead of the game.

  • can re-ignite passion that may have been stifled by routine or problems.

  • stimulates better performance because people are inherently creative

  • exercises minds, keeps people young and builds strong character.

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